a great way to start the day... a great day to start the week

a great way to start the day...
a great day to start the week...

yesterday Grant woke up with a fever
this derailed a few things
it kept Lisa and the boys from standing course side while I raced the DCCX cyclocross race at the AFRH
they were able to arrive in time for the Lil' Belgians
but Grant was not in the mood to be swayed for such things
while Dean was so stoked that he Cat'ed up to the 8 and up instead of racing with the 6-7 kids

with the fever yesterday Lisa took the day off from school to hang with Grant and take him to the doctor
which put me in the opportunity to take Dean to school on the trail-a-bike

it is a short cross town slog
pretty much a short drop into the valley which is Rock Creek and then a long slow climb out of the valley
we took the route with the least cars which is the road that goes through the National Zoo
then onto the sidewalk for two blocks because Connecticut Avenue is no place for a child on the trail-a-bike... especially during rush hour traffic

then we turned onto Macomb Street for a long slow multi-block steady grade up to John Eaton Elementary School

it was the usual routine
cars passed a little too fast and cars passed a little too close
I held my tongue and kept my finger in my glove
the oncoming cars were a tag more bothersome
it irks me that the cars play chicken with the bicycle
these cars would rather run head on to the person on the bicycle than to drive a few feet closer to the line of parked cars to their left

we arrived alive
the camera was not on hand so there are no photos to tell the tale
so the written word will have to do

the weather was cool and crisp
both Dean and I could feel the burning in our legs after muscling up these two hills
this trip had me wondering if I could actually manage the trip to school on the Xtracycle
on the trail-a-bike Dean is carrying his own weight
I wonder if I am strong enough to carry his weight and his brotherss

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SiouxGeonz said...

Glad you came through unscathed.

You could do it on the Xtra ... it's got that "gravity juju," remember ? Oops, that applies to loads stuffed into the bags...