I am a little worried...

I am a little worried
I am still a little scared
people are getting excited... maybe over excited
I feel as if people are getting a little over confident
this scares me

it is like a kid thinking that he knows what he is getting for Christmas
this kid has wanted something special
and now he is confident to a point where he is definite he knows what he is going to get and what he is going to get is what he really wants

I hope this kid is not setting himself up for a really big let down

get out and vote
get your friends to get out and vote

this is a very exciting election
this is a very scary election

lets worry about palin 2012 later
instead of worrying about palin now

shepard fairey in the washington post last may


Tim said...

I know many people who seem to be taking an Obama victory for granted. They believe the choice is clear, the poll numbers are good, and that Americans will make the right choice.

This is the same nation that re-elected Bush.

We cannot take an Obama victory for granted. Vote, people. Vote.

gwadzilla said...



Whasss up?8 Years Later

watch and share
and please...
get out and vote
please... please
get out and vote

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