I love this perspective...

I love this perspective...
it is the common view
it is absurd

messengers are a menace

here in washington dc the cars are abusing the speed limit and refusing to yield to pedestrian traffic
cars buzz past people by inches each and every day on each and every block of the city
but if one cyclist zips past a pedestrian in a daze or a car driver getting out of their car
well... it is the cyclist that is the menace
even if that car driver failed to check before opening their car door
even if that pedestrian was crossing out of turn

I know
as a cyclist I get a response from pedestrians when I pass five feet away
I notice a response from that cell phone talking jay walking pedestrian when I have a green and they step out into the road
I am not a messenger
I am not a menace
but I know the perspective
it is common

and yes
Honking Makes Me Go Slower Too!

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