I swear... the best shots were on that SD Card

the best shots were on that SD Card

yes there would have been more shots like this
the boys did a great deal of that
we did a great deal of walking
the boys did a great deal of jumping
the stoops of the French Quarter offered some good entertainment to for the boys
which means we all appreciated the architecture

there were lots of shots
lots of shots all around town
I shot so many shots that my battery died
somehow those shots are lost

either I deleted them
or I lost the SD Card they were on

a million priceless shots of the kids
there were some epic shots of the cycling culture of the French Quarter and well... we will never see them
guess we will have to just let those remain as memories
too bad though
cause I can not share my memories so clearly on my blog
not that memory of the nice women with the wicker coated three wheeler whose seat I raised and then advised to have her handlebars tightened
or any of those other people that passed in front of my camera while in New Orleans

either I fucked up or there is Voodoo involved
first my camera dies and then I lose a full day of images?
it is sounding like Voodoo... maybe Blackened Voodoo!

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