kerry litka has a cyclocross survey...

kerry litka has a cyclocross survey

Click Here to take survey

and I have a survey

how many people think that Kerry is taking a photo of herself in the mirror and how many people think that this is a photo graph of kerry taking a photo of someone with a camera


Jim said...

Good survey but if you're buddies with Kerry, could you please let her know that for racers on teams, the "what are you willing to pay" question is a bit wonky? I want top gear but I'll wait until shop night or a sale to get it. So her question about what would you pay for a bike is goofy. My bike is probably worth ~$3k retail. But I'll only pay up to $2k for a cross bike - at that price point I'll expect to have $3.5k - $4k worth of frame+components on that bike. My current bike is a good example, full retail is $2700, through shop night purchase of the frame and a few bits, along with careful component purchases (sale price, buying some excess stock from a pro racer) over a year, I probably only have about $1400 in it, with a lot of fairly high end stuff on it. If I was buying straight retail I'd be on a lower quality, heavier ride. I wouldn't shell out a mint for a bike that I beat the ever-loving crap out of two or three times per week.

gwadzilla said...


the numbers lie

shop deals and team sponsorship all skew the data

but this is no random sample

this is a survey sent out to cyclists by cyclists

cyclist connected through an electronic network

so an even small cross section of the cycling world