maryland avenue climbing gym

maryland avenue climbing gym


ETJB said...

but did you get to the top?

gwadzilla said...

I got to the top a few times
our session was short
I was on my way back from getting my car inspected

all three of us took a few different lines to the top

the instructors gave me some knot lessons and then we took to the wall

I climbed
a few more lessons before I get to belay anyone else'

we should meet over there one day after work!

gunnar said...

That is awesome. I love the idea of using wasted open space for this. Climbing gyms don't have to be indoors.

ETJB said...

let me know a good time for you.

he fed me tequilla qnd corn beforehand.

i made it over the first window.

so. im itchin to go again.

yes, the lesson was quite thorough and well presented.

Anonymous said...

amazing, where abouts on maryland ave?