Palin 2012?

Palin 2012?

I don't think so...
there are two basic scenarios...

ONE A- McCain wins which makes Sarah Palin Vice President. In that four years of office John McCain shocks the world and does not die. While VP elect Sarah Palin has plenty of time to prove her incompetence. So when long before the term ends the Republican Party has already selected its next winning team... a team without the now older than dirt John McCain and the no longer hot Sarah Palin The no longer MILF material has now show that she is not qualified which keeps her not only away from the the position as running mate and even further away from the slot of presidential canidate. And sadly... being hot or not being hot is as big an issue in picking a canidate as the color of a canidate's skin. When we all know that capability should be our concern.

and the quick and simple scenario

TWO B- Obama and Biden win the election. What happens? Well... I will not attempt to predict... I will not paint a picture of the building of Utopia in four years and I will stay away from any defenses that say that it takes more than four years for change to happen. No, I have no idea what will happen with the economy or the world. But I am pretty sure that Sarah Palin will have drifted far from the
red carpet. This once quasi-hot hockey mom will have lost her sex appeal. Along with aging four years the novelty of Sarah Palin will have worn off. It is like the kid who enters school mid-year. That person is always more interesting and more mysterious. But by the time the year is up that person will have shown who they are and lost that star power.

Somewhere in this four years Sarah Palin will have joined a third party... a more conservative party than the current Republican Party. She will continue to campaign without much support.

okay... I spent too much time looking into this crystal ball

a Washington Post article sent to me by mikek
thanks for the read

men are suckers for the sound of heels coming from some nice tight calves

Palin images in the Shepard Fairey style found here

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Matt said...

Three C scenario - she no longer has the McCain campaign providing her with talking points and one evening while on her own and out on some backwater speaking enganement in rural 'umercah' she has that typical right wing Al Campanis momment when speaking about the Obama presidency.

Some old, long forgotten journalist for the "Hicksville Times-Gazette" has the presence of mind to record the words and soon is on Larry King live giving an interview.

Palin slinks back to Alaska, and stays out of the public view until one evening she finds Todd in bed with the neighbors 16 year old daughter. she ditches him, revives her career as a talk radio show host.

One evening she she meet Mark Furman. They elope.

End of story.