this may end up being more of a synopsis than a Race Report... but lets see

Race Report: DCCX 2008 at the Armed Forces Retirement Home
the cross season has yet to hit my priorities
well... let me correct that
cyclocross racing and training/prepping for cross racing has not entered my list of priorities
cyclocross has been a topic on my mind but not really on my bike
this is the off season to a mountain biker
if I were to categorize myself as a cyclists
I would more than likely say I am a mountain biker
not just a commuter, but a mountain biker

in September there were the Cyclocross Clinics at Fort Reno Park
but that was not really cross practice for me
it was organization and it was hanging out and it was snapping some photos
then at Ed Sanders I had a fun day on the bike... but not so sure I "raced" on that day
then DCCX approached and I grabbed a rake and a shovel and assisted in getting the course ready for race day
but somehow cross racing was not really on my mind

after a morning of soccer with the boys I slipped into the basement to toy with the cross bike
my high end Specialized Tri Cross Comp has been hung up without tires since my brake boss pulled out early last season while installing some after market brakes
while my Jamis Nova was still caked with dirt and grass in all the wrong places since Ed Sanders
so I pulled the cassette and cleaned out the jockey wheels on the rear deraileur
after a clean and lube I turned a few nipples with the spoke wrench than checked the tires
after the tires had the appropriate pressure I headed over to DCCX
when I arrived at the Armed Forces Retirement home people were getting into their cars
the course was taped and people were finishing up pre-riding

I had not read all three thousand emails on the team list serve
somehow I had missed that we were going to get the MABRA trailer the day prior instead of after a Saturday cyclocross race
set up was not in the afternoon... set up was in the morning

as people pulled away I started to gather a plan for the kid's lil belgian course
there had been some discussion some weeks prior
we had established a spot after having
Dean and Grant pre-ride some potential locations on the grounds
some last minute discussions ruled out the chosen spot because it overlapped with part of the golf course
we did not want to risk any damage to the golf course
we did not want to jeopardize our relationship with the other users of the AFRH
so I reworked the plan

as people rolled out the rain clouds rolled in
it was raining on and off
as I debated in my head the which of the alternate discussed locations would work best I yelled to at people pre-riding the course as they passed
when elliott, jeff peel, and a guy who I only know from this event from last year whose name is slipping me finished a few laps I asked it they wanted to help out
even after a day of course work they were willing
then the clouds opened up

the temperature dropped and the rain came down
if it were not so darn cold it would have been comical

after setting down the stakes on a rough course the boys got back on their bikes and headed for dry ground
then another volunteer came to my aid
Emmy stepped up and assisted in a few alterations to the kid's course and then the taping
with the taping done Emmy left with DCMTB team captain Matt Donahue and left the grounds after a long day of course prep work
so stayed back alone and racked the lil ' belgian's course

in the the icy cold rain

the next morning came and I was warm in bed hugging the pillow while so many DCMTB team mates were out finishing the set up for DCCX
I sipped my coffee and walked the dog before I loaded up the car and headed over to the Armed Forces Retirement Home for DCMTB's second year of DCCX!

when I arrived I headed straight down to the kids course with the rake
as I raked the course I debated with its set up
I pulled my kid's bikes from the car thinking that maybe I would have a chance to lengthen or shorten the course if things merited such
I wished we had used the lawn mower to trim the grass for the little people of the lil' belgian's race
but things were done
the course was laid out and things were set as they would be for the rest of the day

time passed and I lent my hands to an assortment of tasks
whatever needed to be done was done

things had to be moved
things had to be set up
the final prep before the start of the race

without much time I got suited up to race

once in my team usa cheerleader kit I did a pre-ride
which brought me to the line just a few minutes before start
at the line the official alerted me to the rules about sleevlelessness
there was no time to grab a jersey from my car
I was given a pass

a few awkward exchanges and at the sound of the whistle and we were off
I did not get such a good start
a little slow to get the pedals moving
and a little shy with the nascar shake and bake/bump and run
I got passed a good deal as we left the asphalt start and made the first turn onto the first section of grass
but I was intent to try and stay in the race

cyclocross is about attacking
cyclocross is about going above threshold
cyclocross is about racing

I did not attack
I did not go above threshold
I did not race

I rode the course hard... I stayed out of the red line
I played it safe
never did I go for it
never did I take the risk of taking it hard
never in the race did I get caught up in the race within the race

sure I was going hard enough that it felt like lap seven after lap two in a five lap race
but I still was not reaching for the brass ring

the course was amazing
but I was unable to thrive on it
there was no point where I felt like I was in the zone
there was no grunt on the run up
there was no panting on the flats
it was as if I were playing it safe
it was as if I were in it to finish
instead of being in it to win it

don't get me wrong
I had a great time
but I got what I put into it
had I put more into it I would have gotten more out of it

not sure where my head was

but my head was not in race mode
I lacked the eye of the tiger

this is not to say that I could have should have would have won it
that is not the case
but... I should have raced as if I wanted it

instead of riding the course hard

it may not change the final results by more than a few spots

but there is a difference in the experience

luckily the day was about much more than racing

the day was about giving back to the community
the day was about being with friends
the day was about hanging with my family

the day was good
the day was fun

I had a good day

I had a fun day
it was a day well spent

sure I wish my seat post was higher
or that I raced with the eye of the tiger
but honestly... if I did not think I had the race I should have had
I could resurect my race image this weekend at Rockburn
in actuality my race went quite well
I raced had... not above threshhold
but maybe that stopped me from dying sooner in the race and being passed by more racers

strategy is not really part of bicycle racing for me
unless you consider going hard and then dying
and trying to be smart enough so that I do not go so hard that I bust nut after 100 yards

yes... my riding was not harder because...
I was attempting not to blow up
I did not want to risk a pinch flat
I did not want to crash
what is the saying?
nothing risked... nothing gained
or something to that effect

DCCX Results

I want to proof this... but am distracted by rewatching Bill Maher

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