riddle me this...

riddle me this...
why is it that everyone can do as they please... but when a bicycle breaks the law... people shout out at the?


in my travels on the bicycle it amuses me how people in their cars feel as if they have the right to give verbal instruction to those on the bike

these same people may honk at other cars or pedestrians
but for some reason they feel as if they have a right to give verbal instructions to those of us on the bike

why? please... riddle me this

no one wants a bike buzzing past them as they are about to drive through an intersection
no one wants to feel the breeze of a bicycle passing them as they move down the sidewalk
no on want to risk the head on collision with a bicycle heading the wrong way on a one way street
and no one wants to have their dog or child buzzed on the wooded trail by a mountain biker

the funny part is these people do not realize that this situation can be flipped and flopped

the car drivers are doing all of this and worse each and every time they get behind the wheel....
most of them without even realizing it

control the car chaos and the bicycle will fit into the order
until then... the bicycle must fit in where it feels most safe
just as the pedestrian may cross where they please until it is more safe to cross in the crosswalk

the same goes for the cyclist

the cyclist must put themselves where they feel most safe
that place is not always to the right of moving traffic

right turning traffic is turning right whether or not the bicycle is there

everyone is bending or breaking the law to suit their personal needs
everyday car drivers make that turn where they know it reads.... NO TURN ON RED
everyday car drivers accelerate beyond the SPEED LIMIT... knowing that they are exceeding what has been stated as the maximum
speed (should the sign read SPEED RECOMMENDATION?)
everyday cars slow and stop and double park in the NO STANDING ZONE to drop off or pick up their spouse or child

everyday people walk their dogs leashless in the woods where it is common knowledge that there is
a leash law

why is it that these people can modify the law
but when a bicycle bends or breaks the law it is a capital offense?

measure the worst case scenario...

a bicycle runs a stop sign... they are more than likely going to get the worst of a collision
even if that collision is with a pedestrian
while when the car runs this same stop sign... well... the collision can be fatal to the victim outside of the car... while the driver has some blood on the hood and an insurance claim to file

it boggles the mind!

in the woods a dog will cause greater erosion than the bicycle

the bicycle stays on the trail
while the leashless dog roams
brushing against small plants stomping on growing seeds
chasing deer and squirrels

and these people are pointing the finger?

maybe they need to look in the mirror

I can not recall my bicycle ever taking off on its own to chase a deer, a squirrel, or worse yet bite a human!

the car driver needs to break the thought that the bigger car has more rights than those around them
this caste system where the pedestrian and cyclist are third class tickets needs to stop
it is unclear to me why each and every car driver feels like they are the king of Siam while those outside of the cars are peasants with no right to space and no right to life

so often I see a speeding car go buzzing down the road
honking the horn to clear the way of that jay walking pedestrian

why does speeding car trump jaywalking pedestrian?

because of size?
they are both in the wrong
perhaps the speeding car should just slow to accommodate the other person in front of them
why not?

everyone needs to look in the mirror
everyone needs to slow down
everyone needs to pull in the reigns

everyone needs to respect the rights of others

common sense and common courtesy
it is about respect
respect: self-respect- respect for others-and respect for the world around you
if people just took a look in the mirror and then looked at others as people just like themselves
well... this would be a step towards making the world a more civil place
I would love to see DC become a CIVIL CITY
but until people start to behave like people when driving their cars this is never going to happen
people act in ways behind the wheel that they would never behave like face to face
the car dehumanizes us

I would love to finish this thought
I would love to make it more cohesive
but I need to walk the dog and head into work
maybe I will go for a trail run!


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

I drove home last night (rest day from the bike) A driver ahead of me appeared to be intoxicated. Everybody else just sped past annoyed. But I followed and called 911. The guy almost crashed into his garage when he pulled into his driveway.

So it seemed to me that no one cared that this guy drove in our neighborhood drunk off his ass--but when I so much as veer out of the bikelane on this same road, motorists go ballistic--screaming for me to get off the road.

Man, I just don't understand how its come to this in our country.


Treadlight said...

Thanks for posting pics...I missed Maryland and DC.

I'm a regular reader.


PEP said...

Yes! More truth from Gwadzilla.

Yokota Fritz said...

Gwadz, you might enjoy this post about a drunk driver mouthing off about scofflaw cyclists.

Yokota Fritz said...

You might like this post about a drunk driver mouthing off about scofflaw cyclists.