the legs are tired
there has been much time off the bike
nothing that would constitute as a training ride
not much that would measure up to a ride


or just slacking?


darren said...

Apropo of nothing in this post, tucked into Sec 211 of the Senate 'bailout' bill passed last night was passage of the years-overdue allowance for employers to give a tax-free bicycle commuting subsidy for up to $20 per month. Don't know if anybody in the bikey bloggy world has made note of this yet....

Having commented, now I will taper my way back into creepy skulking readership.


Akilles said...

I'm whichoo man, tapering - a term that fits so well. After years of commuting on my bikes I just don't seem to be recovering from the rides in time for the next day anymore. Time for the motorcycle?