yes... cox farm... tradition

grant is sliding on a bag that we brought from home!
increased speed=increased fun!

yes... a trip to cox farm is a family fall tradition
cox farm is awesome
it is a trip to a pumpkin patch
a pumpkin patch on steroids

next year we may investigate other such pumpkin patches in an effort to find some variety
cox farm is awesome!
yet after four years... even awesome can be predictable

Dean sporting a Nacho Libre style mask!
these things are often brought around then offered late in the game to inject some extra fun in the day!

there were two masks that had not been seen or used since grant's birthday at the awakening at haines point
there was of course some argument of who got what
it all sorted itself out

great shot of dean during one of our races down the slide
photo taken by me as I pull ahead on the track just to his right

dean tells me it is not fair for us to race because I weigh more
aparently the heavier people slide faster!
it is true... I am heavier than him
it is true... I did win!

grant bending the rules

he has been told that such actions are forbidden by the workers at cox farm
he most certainly will not do this until he does it again


Megan said...

i can't believe how big your kids are getting. time is just evil. . .


gwadzilla said...

all those "they grow fast" statements are true

the years blow by
but the minutes can drag
it takes great patience
it also takes away your patience