countdown to election day...

Tina Fey not Tina Feylin on PARADE

Tina Feylin stepping in where Tina Fey left off on SNL

SNL has been up front and center
going for a mixture of ratings and a political message

SNL on NBC with Senator John McCain

Palin 2012 is not a funny joke!

and STARBUCKS is giving out free coffee to voters!

Starbucks Store Locator and Store Delocator

from a gwadzilla archive... 11.13.2005

product selection
taste... personal taste
so much goes into our product selections
it happens when we buy a bicycle
it happens when we buy a cup of coffee
sometimes it happens for good reason
sometimes it happens for little reason at all

there are some products that we like to be associated with for one reason or another
we become types
we become predictable

greenwashing is a notion I was introduced to as I scanned a dc birding blog
tonight I was reading through some bicycling blogs and I was at an old favorite, gundog99
on his blog there was an entry about a coffee advocacy blog
there was talk about the Starbucks Challenge

a short time back I saw some magazine television show do a piece on coffee shops and accuracy for caffiene and decafe coffees
it was disturbing
good thing they were not selling non-alcoholic beer
there were people skipping their 12 step meetings and going straight to happy hour

I blogged about a Starbucks Store Delocator some time back...
here is my archive for that page
it is fun to see what the direction of my blog goes through from time to time
I know... I like to push my blog from time to time

should I be eating Ben and Jerry's instead of Breyers just because I like Ben and Jerry's political and social stands?
I don't even know Breyer's position

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