feeling a little better...

today I am feeling a little better...

on Saturday I had a minor crash on the mountain bike
actually... on Saturday I had an assortment of crashes
crashing is often part of mountain biking
as mountain biking is a sport about testing a person's personal limits
I have always felt that if I am not crashing than I am not testing my personal limits
on Saturday I tested my personal limits

riding with a superior rider is the quickest and easiest way to push a person's personal limits
riding with a superior rider is also the quickest and easiest way to cause a crash
on Saturday I was chasing a superior rider in the woods

at Schaeffer Farms on Saturday with Cargo Mike I had a number of minor crashes
the classic kissing of the pedal to a root hidden under some leaves
then a less than pretty effort to clear an obstacle where well worn Time pedals freed my cleats without my request
then there was the crash that caused the injury where I took a swooping corner faster than my tires could manage to keep hold

once up from the crash I tried to play CSI Germantown and figure out what happened
the Crash Scene Investigators at Schaeffer Farms could see clearly where the treads tried to grab hold of the turn
there was about 12 feet of skidding where the front tire tore into the trail showing that it was grabbing and biting in a perpendicular chatter sort of way
then it is clear where the tires left the trail and onto the grass
good thing this crash did not happen in the woods
the ejector seat is never so pretty with rocks on the ground and trees on the trail side

it was all pretty humorous
well... getting hurt is never funny
but it is amusing to think about the thoughts in my head after things happened
how I had originally thought I would try to ride again on Sunday
then realizing I would be hurt I would not even request such from the wife and family
but instead bump in and try to be a Superhero Dad by joining in any and all things family related on this Sunday... a Sunday that ended up not going entirely as planned

the Sunday involved brunch at my dad's where we hung with my sister inlaw and my two nephews
as Grandpa made waffles for everyone then gave the kids cool gifts from his world travels
then from there we went straight to Dean's post baseball season pizza party
a party which was less of a party for Dean because he was hit with fatigue and nausea just as we approached the gathering
my son who is usually a big part of the action was on the sidelines with his head in my lap
this illness had a volcanic build up that ended up in volcanic eruption all over the back seat of my Honda Element!

the rest of the day was spent trying to sooth Dean while Grant ran wild
early bedtime due to Day Light Savings Time
then home with a still sick and vomiting son on Monday
which worked out well for a man who needed to rest his back


my movement was limited
all steps were painful and short
I resigned myself to the notion that I would visit the doctor if things were this bad later in the week
here it is Tuesday and I already feel as if I am on the mend
not anywhere near 100 percent
but I am able to walk without great pain and riding the bicycle into work felt pretty good

no running and playing for a few days
but I should be back in the game soon enough

to think...
this injury was all caused by a spare inner tube tucked into my jersey pocket
a dive roll ejection during mid-crash would have been the perfect thing to do had my tube not been in exactly the wrong place


Cycle Jerk said...

Schaeffer is a great place to crash. I was riding with a friend through one of the fields when his front tire caught the edge of a berm and he went down hard enough to break his collar bone. Good times...

If you haven't, try Rosaryville. Another great place to crash.

Jim said...

Get better soon there, lumpy.