a good way to start the week...

a good way to start the week...

this morning was a good way to start the day
today was a good way to start the week

mondays can be tough
the lack of structure of the weekend clashes with the monday morning rush
this morning four year old grant was not ready to start his week
nothing was going right for him
slow out of the gate and begging for more time with the pillow
I have a hard time disagreeing with him but we have to get to school on time

Grant was getting his way and Grant was still not happy

once dressed and headed for the door he argued about the jacket then threw his butt to the ground in protest
then grant demanded pancakes
pancakes and refusing the jacket?
I could accept his demand to wear shorts as I was in knickers so I could not make a statement about a need for him to cover his legs
but the jacket-less-ness and breakfast orders after refusing to listen to all the urges to get out of bed and then all of the urges for him to get dressed
this I would not allow
there was no time for pancakes and he was wearing the jacket
we were headed out the door

I lifted Grant up... and Grant sat back down
there was not too much physical fighting
I put on the jacket and picked him up
with screaming in my ear I carried a child who could not be coerced to the car
put his seatbelt on and climbed in the driver's seat
there was still arguement but there was no effort to undo what was already done
the jacket remained on as well did the seat belt

all the while seven year old Dean listened and behaved after being dressed, fed, and ready for the world long before anyone else in the house

I could see up the hill that light was red... yet I waited for four cars to run the red light before I pulled out and headed down the hill
early in the short cross town drive Grant started to mellow
the blueberry breakfast bar that he had refused was being eaten and it was not long after the handoff of the breakfast bar that Grant was asking for the banana

by the time we were parked around the corner from school everyone was in a good mood
we walked the final blocks to school together

as we got to the steps of the school Dean picked up the pace and pulled away ready to start his day
I called him back asking for a hung
not dropping the kids off at school every day I enjoy it when I do
after the hug I walked Grant into his classroom and spoke with his teachers
there was talk about the Dinosaur Dig at the school block party then I was on my way

having already walked the dog as the boys got dressed I was free to use the extra minutes to ride my bicycle an extra mile or two into work
so I cut across town letting my tires roll over leaves and dirt rather than asphalt and concrete

my back is still tender from my crash at Schaeffer Farms just over a week ago so I was hesitant about the rigid single speed in the woods
but things are not so technical that I really had to worry
I pedaled along at an enjoying the day pace rather than an agro race pace

I enjoyed the morning...

on my ride I encountered less than half a dozen people and perhaps a dozen dogs
it was a morning that was all smiles
taking a route with less auto interaction really improved my outlook on the day

I arrived at work and showered before starting my day
a great way to start the week

the work day was busy
got a lot of things done
the work pulled me through fast without hardly watching the clock

my trip for lunch was short
there was still much undone and still much to do
so I walked three blocks up and three blocks back
picking up two bowls of soup... chilli and minestrone

got back and ate at my desk
played on the computer as I finished my lunch
then got back to work and knocked some stuff out
knocked a bunch of stuff out then suited up in clothing that was pleasantly dry after after a short vigorous ride into work in the morning

maybe tomorrow will offer some of the same
but i better charge my headlamp
I am afraid that my commuter headlamp is on the fritz
so I better pack an alternate as an option
this one may have to be sent back to NiteRider
troubleshooting tonight when I put the other batteries on the charger

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