make eye contact with the drivers around you...

an excellent tip from Bike in the City...
make eye contact with the drivers around you
make them realize that they see you
make them aware of your presence
bring it all to a conscious level


Jim said...

Dude, you know what I look like, and I know what you look like. If either of us starts focusing on making eye contact with drivers, I suspect 9/11 calls will go up.

Nothing personal, I'm just sayin'.

gwadzilla said...

I am big on the concept of eye contact when riding the bike

I lack the cleavage that Leah has

so they may get a nod instead of a wink

but I most definitely make eye contact with the drivers around me

Jim said...

A nod instead of a wink? I usually get glares when I make eye contact with drivers. Maybe I should wear lobster gloves instead of my regular ones, perhaps, so they'll think I'm just waving...

Nice link BTW. Did you see the cartoon that said this: "Most fatal accident on a bike in the city happens because cyclists get stuck in truck's blind spot."

I read that and got shivers thinking about the girl who got hit by a garbage truck the other week, and also thinking about how much traffic surfing I do alongside trucks and buses, and especially box vans.