USO: United States of Obama!

USO: United States of Obama
Mr. and Mrs. Obama are in town today

as a DC parent with two kids in DC Public Schools I am very interested in where Obama decides to send his two grade school age daughters

the word on the street is that he is reviewing the classic options of DC's affluent
GDS (georgetown day school,) Sidwell Friends, Maret etc.

it would be a glorious thing if he were to consider a DC Public Schools as a place to send his children...
but honestly... if he does not see this system fit for his family
maybe he will direct the attention so that this system is fit for mine

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ron said...

i am in complete agreement. why do we vote for politicians and the first thing they do when they get in office is cut the public school budget. i have no problem with politicians sending their kids to good schools,but our kids should have that right also. ron rubero,jacksonville,fl.