Anna Kelso on the cover of SPOKES!

Anna Kelso on the cover of SPOKES!

get to your local bike shop or local gym in the Mid-Atlantic
this latest issue of SPOKES is going to be a coveted one

cyclists all over the Mid-Atlantic are certainly going to be decorating their walls with this classic photo by Mike Joos of Anna Kelso winter mountain biking



2drunk2shift said...

I so had that poster in my room as a kid and Cheryl Tieggs.

stevied said...

That pic is still in the spank bank.

gwadzilla said...

which one anna kelso?
or farrah?

please don't answer
that question will be part of the survey

gwadzilla said...

ah... Farrah... Cheryl Tieggs... and even Christie Brinkley
these women were pre-SUPER MODEL
they were just models

I was always curious about how Cheryl Tieggs tanned in that fishnet swimsuit from the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition

I recall the nuns in my school being outraged
outraged to the point of canceling Sports Illustrated to our small catholic school library

cancel SI
but keep Hot Rod?

I was never into cars
but I do recall paging through Hot Rod magazine!

this talk of the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition has me wondering what the first year for Sports Illustrated to have a swim suit issue... and in the winter! genius! sport season lull

spank bank
that cracks me up

was Cindy Crawford the first super model?

I need to get to the Wiki Page!

GetOOTO said...

BCC was a catholic school??? hahahha
that was and still is a fantastic image

gwadzilla said...

funny... I went to Our Lady of Lourdes from second to eight grade
if I remember correctly Marty O Malley was in my sister's class

Lourdes is right next to B-CC
where I went to public high school

when I was at Lourdes we did not have a high opinion of the sort of person who went to B-CC