before Dag Nasty... there was Marginal Man

before Dag Nasty... there was Marginal Man

Marginal Man on youtube

if this were released today...

this would blow people away

much like King Face
there was a pop power that DC was too serious to embrace
yes this stuff was released on Dischord Records... but it did not seem to fit into the Dischord Mix

maybe it was not the pop
perhaps it was the bravado


Anonymous said...

Kingface kicked ass! So did Marginal Man and Dag Nasty. Blast from DC's past live on.

libertyonbikes! said...

wow! dagnasty. thought i'ld never see anyone type that. i still have SFS on my ipod. thanks for the memory.

gwadzilla said...


dag nasty is not only alive in your memories and our hearts

it appears that Brian is keeping the music alive for real!

Alex said...

I had the good fortune to see Marginal Man a few times "back in the day"... they were amazing, to say the least.

Nice to run into you the other day btw.