camera upgrade?

camera upgrade?
it would be easy... but can I justify this during this economy?

I have two Panasonic cameras that I should contact Panasonic about....
my SLR-like Panasonic Lumix with a camera body died last winter
powered down and never came back
the battery seems to charge up... the viewing screen blanked out a few times before the camera shut down
and my Panasonic Lumix point and shoot froze with the lens open... this is an issue I have seen repeated online... it happened on vacation and I went into denial and immediately bought the same camera to lessen my frustration
have been meaning to borrow a friend's matching device to trouble shoot

can I justify the upgrade?
would I risk going to the Panasonic after these issues?

perhaps an effort to warranty these devices will aid in my final decision on Panasonic as a company

these glorified Point and Shoots are AWESOME! HOT SHOE AND ALL!

Canon Power Shot G10
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3K

will have to check out some reviews later
here is something on WIRED


Kevin said...

I really enjoy your blog.

Check out what Ken has to say about the G10.


It sounds like it's a great choice.

gwadzilla said...

glad you like the blog...

Ken has some good words and some bad

this offers hesitation...

Don't buy a G10 for photos of family, friends, or of your kids. For photos of people and action you want an SLR like the Nikon D40 or Canon Digital Rebel XTi, which react far faster for action. Compact cameras like the G10 just aren't fast enough.

Forget shooting with flash. It can take forever (10 seconds) for it to recycle between shots, and like most compact cameras, exposure is all over the map.

The G10 has strap lugs, and feels best worn as a strap-on. That's the problem: if I have to wear it around my neck, I'd rather have a small SLR like a digital Rebel or D40, any of which outperform the G10 in both speed and and image quality.