it was funnier with the punchline

when I was growing up...
okay... I am still growing up
from around a time I was in high school on through my mid-twenties there was this dance club in Georgetown
it always amused me that there was a "punk bar" called Poseurs
but that was one of the places that the mohawk/goth/party crowd went...
a punk crowd that maybe was not so interested in DC Hardcore or that style of "punk" music

I went to Poseurs for a spell... could not say no to two for one Grizzleys on a Monda
y night
sure it smelled like vomit
but they had pinball
and of course videos
this was an era pre-dvd and definitely pre-Internet era
information was harder to come by back then

now there is a Running Store where Poseurs used to be

the image was more fun with the punchline


gwadzilla said...

the punchline is there...

"what a bunch of fuckin posers!" PHOTOSHOOT COMING SOON

not sure why it did not display on my machine when I did the screen capture

GhostRider said...

I remember Poseurs, although I never went there...the name scared me away (I was far too serious a punk to be seen there, no matter how cool it actually might have been).