saw this on FACEBOOK... had to steal it to share it

1985 in front of the Roy Rogers in Georgetown
not my photo... not my crew
a tad more fashionable than my most fashionable hour
snagged it from here
hope Avie does not mind my sharing it... that is Avie far right

definitely an epic photograph


Rocco said...

and a bit more fashionable then the kids today today trying to redo that era

gwadzilla said...

the KEY THEATER in the background

Rocky Horror Picture Show
I saw the lines
I never saw it in the theater

that was pre DVD
and not everything was available on VHS or BETA

gwadzilla said...


I just saw some great photos on another FACEBOOK page
some photos from the DC Mod scene in the 80's

but of course
I can not post this image because of the unresolved quota issue

classic stuff

Bill Crandal posted some photos from his musical past
I was on the listening end of a good deal of that music
it was good stuff and good times
I dug it!

Anonymous said...

awesome, awesome, awesome photo. key theater marquee in background. rocky horror, of course, and walt whitman high's ERIC VESPERS (i think that was his name) dancing all ninja and whatnot up front years before we'd ever heard the term ninja. plenty of fun with contraband in the hallway off the exit to the right of the screen as you faced it.

i went to elementary, junior high and high school with bill crandall. same class. his brother brad was a year ahead of us. both great guys, great musicians. i remember well their band TRIAL AND ERROR. good covers. they lived in a cool house, very artistic, just off river road. and their mother, mrs. crandall, the music teacher at our elementary school, was a saint. a great lady. she taught us the value/importance/nuances of music at an early age. i'll always be grateful to her for that.