STATE QUARTERS... what are the odds? what are the chances?

what are the odds?
what are the chances?

Fifty Coins from Fifty States!

for Christmas Santa brought my older son Dean one of those maps where you can collect each coin from each state
it is a great little gift that inspires the young mind in so many ways
this is also the same gift that Dean noticed the same wrapping paper from Santa as one of his gifts from his parents
opps... we are new to the rules of playing Santa

a few days after Christmas I was over at a friend's house and he was showing me proudly his jar of coins from the year that he is planning to cash in
without hesitation I started to dig through the mess of metal for the various state quarters
in no time at all I had roughly 45 different coins and doubles of many
this all done without trying to do things with any great efficient methodology
this has me wondering

in the course of a year does each and ever coin pass through the hands of each and every person who handles money on a regular basis?

I bought the coins and a few double that I thought Dean had not acquired
now I need to get one of those fancy maps for myself
I will let Dean go through the process with minimal assistance
this is a project where there will be more learned if things happen slowly
if the board is filled in one sitting very little is learned
it is the revisiting of the map that will get him to learn the states on each coast and then the states in between


meade said...

daughter just finished her 50 states after about 5 years of searching as they came out

gwadzilla said...

as they came out


are all fifty in circulation?

the process started now is a different experience than starting in 1999

gwadzilla said...


1999 seems so long ago
and when Prince sang about it
1999 sounded like a future a million years away