this photo surfaced on FACEBOOK

this photo surfaced on FACEBOOK
thought I would share it here

in the dorm room sophomore year with my roommate and friend Damien

Damien was hit and killed by a car the summer after sophomore year while living in Ocean City, Maryland
it was a great loss to very many people
Damien was loved by all who knew him
Damien was like a brother to me


Anonymous said...

Sitting at my desk at work peering into a BlackBerry with a tiny screen ... that picture took me all the way back ... I zoomed in and said "Damien" before I saw your caption ...

gwadzilla said...

yes... Damien

it has been over twenty years since his death

I can remember the night he died with an assortment of details

the night he died I went to Merriweather Post Pavilion on his ticket to see New Order and Echo and the Bunnymen
I can not recall if Gene Loves Jezebel was on the ticket... but I do remember playing volleyball with them and drinking pitchers of Old Milwaukee at Tracks

the news arrived the next morning

we drove up to Syracuse for the funeral
I thought I would stay in touch with his family
but we lost contact nearly immediately

Jason Berry said...

Losing friends sucks. Sorry Joel. Keep remembering him and he lives on.

gwadzilla said...

my dead friends will always be a part of me

but I wish more that they were still a part of this world

here is a post on another friend killed by a car