yes... listening to Bells of and blogging about it

yes... listening to Bells of and blogging about it
listening to the first release by Bells of: Eleven Eleven
amazing stuff
just got done looking at the photos on the Bells of page
amazing photographs
great shot of a guy that people called Nate or Frito or maybe Fernando
as well as some random shots of some other people
classic shot of a young lawrence with a young andy cone



Anonymous said...

Lawernce, man he was a good dude. Fully nuts, but one of the smartest, toughest, craziest, cats you'll ever meet. Him and everybody else from the old Ceader Crest day's...what can I say, those guy's knew how to throw down.

Anonymous said...

Gwad, Bells stopped by the house before Turkeyday, limping from skatin' and said he called U to go out but it was 2 late 4 U. Played with Nate,Frito,Fernado, last Friday, he lives in Boyds MD and is married and has a little boy. Bells called him but Nate,Frito,Fernado, didn't pick up. Bells was tryin 2 play with Bass and Nate.