Dean just pulled out a pin...

my son Dean is looking for his wallet
a wallet but not like a wallet that he carries around
a wallet that he has
Dean is seven and most seven year old boys do not carry wallets
this is a wallet that he has been putting saving money in
which means it has been hidden

in the search Dean is forever sidetracked
it is funny to watch because I am the same way
I have put stuff in logical places which worked well to hide them from myself
I often get sidetracked when searching for something

Dean approached me with a little white button with a red image in the center
it was a home made pin of a human form with many arms
rather than talk about an Indian deity I told him about who it was and how it was made
who had made the pin and how the image was created

I tried to describe this button making device with limited success
describing things to a child can be tough because some ideas are not yet tangible and many things have yet to be exposed to them
and sometimes I am just not that clear in what I am trying to say
there was talk about the multi-step process of making the pin and the force that the press generates to mold the pin
it was a pin made by Rob that is an image from a video that he made when he was in a band called Thunderball... not Fort Knox Five

Dean's face gave me the feeling that it confused him that there were two bands
So I explained things as if he were on a soccer team one year named the Tigers and the next year they decide to call themselves the Falcons
some of the members are the same and some of the members are different
this seemed to clear up that confused face

to answer things more clearly I reached for the keyboard and hit google
Dean read as I typed
I clicked on a link and we watched the video
there were more questions
I lacked the information to properly explain the indian goddess with many arms
the topic changed before I could google MULTI-ARMED INDIAN GODDESS
Dean had many questions about how Rob had made this video and why the many arms of our friend Vida had to move n that way the whole time

some time has passed and the questions had not stopped
Dean had my full attention
in his stream of conciousness he asked to see another video
that one where the guy races his bike so much that his face gets stuck in that position
Dean made the face... not the face in the video.... but I knew the face and the video he was talking about
it had been a while... but this video made an impression me as well
a sick track bike video!

this video stirred more questions
also more questions that I did not have the answers to

now he is in bed
the lights are out
we hung out instead of his reading tonight
he is stoked that I put the flannel sheets on the bed
I need the flannel sheets on my bed!

now if I could get Grant to go to bed than Dean could fall asleep
it is like bathing cats

this process continued for an hour
there were multiple escapes and endless ushering of the children back to bed
working for an earlier bed time is not an easy process
not just fighting the child
but fighting the circadian rhythm within the child

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