each day is much like the day before...

this morning I woke up... just like the days prior I woke up and turned on my heating pad while still in bed
pretty much unable to get out of bed
with the heating pad on I got into a healthy position for my back and woke up slowly allowing my back to loosen up
once warmed up I walked in a Frankenstein style to the bathroom for some Advil Gel Caps
threw back a glass or water then went downstairs to get some coffee
my back has gotten progressively better it is a slow process... I am trying to be patient
no I have not seen a doctor... which would make me a patient
this back issue is not a chronic issue yet it is not an issue that has come from no where it is something that happens frequently enough that I own two heating pads... one for work and one for home
I am also accustom to the pain reducing and healing powers of Advil
I am also familiar with the menthol scent of various heating rubs
a glance at the days leading up to the moment where the trauma began and I have a hard time isolating what caused this back pain/injury it was Inauguration week which had me working longer hours some of this work involved heavy lifting... but I am accustom to such things and tend to do them without issue prior to this the hectic work week there had been an aggressive assault on Rosaryville on the Karate Monkey rigid single speed... again... nothing out of the ordinary the commutes were longer than normal... but nothing really that long... just longer than my standard straight commute there was some ice skating on the mall... but there was no slippage... there were no falls... there was audible and visual cracking of ice... but there was no cause for injury there then there was some snowboarding on Saturday at Whitetail Ski Resort just over an hour outside the District... again... no falls... no cause for injury...yes it was hard crunchy man made with intermittent sheets of ice... so... this day could have been a contributing factor as it was muscularly demanding... but this land dweller stayed free and clear of the air so there was not even so much as a hard landing after being launched off some man made obstacle in the terrain park okay... all the actions and all the events of the week were contributing factors
contributing factors to what I think it stress caused by fatigue
it was an accumulation of things containing one thing that has gone unmentioned... I rode to work on several of these longer than normal commutes with my back pack filled to the maximum honestly... I feel that the oversized backpack with laptop and an assortment of warm clothes to be outside on a few very frigid days was what caused this trauma currently I am without a commuter with a rack and the Cetma rack on my fixie would not be comfortable with all that weight so I foolishly road my bike across town before and after work all week with a pack weighing more than either of my two children so now I am recovering... the back is slowing getting better I am starting to behave normally... although I am yet to resume full active lifestyle still walking the dog and riding my bike to work... just nothing more

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