frozen pipes...

my kids have a book called... THE MOST DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS
when Lisa was pregnant there were all sorts of books that followed the same theme as WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN EXPECTING

what about for us quasi-adult homeowner?

I guess there is a DUMMIES BOOK on the issue
what about a book for those of us that don't consider ourselves DUMMIES but prefer to just be seen as under enlightenened or slightly ignorant on various topics...

woke to frozen pipes this morning
nothing has burst as of yet
left the house to come into work with a few efforts to resolve the issue
Lisa has since removed the BLOWDRYER that was pointed into a hole in the wall with a space heater

fingers crossed!

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libertyonbikes! said...

in the basement- pull the dryer vent and run that sucker for a couple loads - assuming its an electric dryer. home depot got me for space heaters today. $19-49 -rather pay the electric bill than burst pipes. good luck.