hometown heros... FUGAZI... they deserve the acclaim they get... FUGAZI ROCKED... even if I was not their biggest follower


there are a few books documenting the phenomena that was fugazi
here is a review from when that book came out

glen e. friedman is the man

got totally sidetracked... was looking for a book by Mark Sullivan
can someone point me the way?

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Anonymous said...

Going to a Fugazi show while growing up in the DC area was somewhat a right of passage. One of my favorite memories was, All Soules Church. Midway through a set Ian had stopped playing and was complaining about the moshing that was going on "Is this what it's all about, look at this guy bleeding in front of me, I won't start playing until you guys stop moshing, it's not about violence". As the story goes some DC skins beat him down afterwards. Not sure if it's true, or if I just made it up, but it makes a good story.