I am one proud poppa...

tonight my son dean was reading to his younger brother
I gave him some space
and let him go his course
I did not want to disrupt the moment
so I just sat by the fire
in the same room... but not really part of the action

then Grant went to take a bath
I asked Dean to continue
two things made me proud
not just the ability to which my son is reading
but the pleasure he is getting out of reading



PEP said...

Love to hear it. We've been experiencing the same pleasure, with the older boy reading to the younger girl at bed time. He's teaching her to read. Sometimes I feel left out.

sean said...

Sometimes I ask our Kindergartner to make his 7 month old brother happy. So he usually goes over and start to sing lullabies. Seeing one brother love another really gets ya.

gwadzilla said...

I think it would be fair to say that my brother is my best friend

I may not be his best friend
but he is mine
that is the plight of the younger brother
oh... well... my birth right

although I have not read the story about Cain and Able
I am somewhat familiar with the story
my guess...
had that day gone different
that would have been just another day between brothers

as much as I love my brother
sometimes I want to kill him

gwadzilla said...

as a father...
any healthy children would make me happy

bI have to admit that I think that the relationship of brothers beats the relationship of brother and sister or sister and sister

there is that saying