it is never gonna happen... but that is okay... I talk without action quite a bit myself

it is never going to happen
it was just talk
just talk over beers
most talk over beers is just talk

it is okay that it is not going to happen
I know how it goes
ideas enter my head and there is the plan for the caper
but no action
sometimes planning the caper is more fun than following through with things
it is definitely easier

this friend is a guitar playing singer who prefers his mandolin when playing Blue Grass
some time ago there was some chatter about his covering some 80's New Wave with a Blue Grass band
the idea was okay... but I thought that doing Manchester bands would be far cooler than doing the pop New Wave tunes of the day glow decade

here is a Wiki Page that List Manchester bands...
it is an impressive list
a list that would allow the band to get poppy... dramatic... and moody

Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division
Hand in Glove by The Smiths

okay... this post is much like this collection of covers done in a Blue Grass style
since I do not have the focus to put towards picking a song from an assortment of Manchester Bands I will finish with a mention of a few other bands

things could get into the British Pop sound with Oasis, The Stone Roses, and a personal favorite New Order

I am not cool enough to select a song by the Buzzcocks... but they could be an option

and of course... THE BEE GEES!

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