the Lincoln Memorial pre-Inaugural concert happened without me
yesterday as I drove my car across town and found road closed that I wanted to use I saw the masses already starting to gather
the sidewalks were filled with rivers of people that were feeding onto the mall to become a sea of people
maybe the body heat of so many people helped to keep everyone warm
sort of an eggless March of the Penguins

there had been an intention to try and get down to the Lincoln Memorial with the kids for this concert
then I realized that it would make more sense for the boys to make one bicycle ride to The National Mall this week.... and that will be Tuesday for a glance at the madness that is the gathering for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration
although I will be at work... Lisa is going to try and rally the troops

last night the boys stayed up a few minutes past their bedtime so that they could watch the HBO presentation of the pre-Inauguration Concert on The Mall
they just wanted to stay up... but I thought it was fine... it is good for them to experience this in the best way that they can at four and seven years of age

their understanding of the significance of Barack Obama being elected and this concert being held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial is clear to them
even at four and seven they are able to connect the dots of the civil rights leaders Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and Barack Obama


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