on the cd player... downstairs by the fire

threw in a random cd
not sure how it got to the surface
not sure how it got out of storage in the basement
it is amazing that the right cd was actually in the jewel case

put in a Robert Gordon greatest hits album
oh man... an onslaught of memories
too many images zipping through my brain to capture them all

good stuff
I dug it then and I dig it now
Robert Gordon
not sure why the web page is from Denmark
Robert Gordon is quasi-local

the music is playing downstairs by the fire
I am upstairs listening to Nirvana while I blog and play some simultaneous games of Scrabble on FACEBOOK


ESLR said...

This is one of my childhood friends dad (Jessie Gordon). I never even knew it!. He used to play with Danny Gatton. I would have loved to see that show. Fortunately I have the audio! Man, this guy is cool

gwadzilla said...

I too know Jesse and Glennon

one summer when I was in high school I met Jesse
he was a few years younger
it blew my mind that he was Robert Gordon's son

what made things even more weird was that I was skateboarding around with my Sony Walkman cassette tape player with a store bought copy of Robert Gordon's BAD BOY


Jesse's old brother was in my class in high school
I did not know Tony well... he was friends with people I was friends with

it is a cool history...

I heard that Robert Gordon and Jesse jammed at Jesse's wedding some years back! Heard it was super cool!