on the kitchen table...

got out of work pretty much on time
got home swapped my snowboarding gear for the icy bike ride for civilian gear
took off the Lake winter mountain bike shoes and put on my Keen hiking boots... they are really hiking boots... actually nothing more than a walking shoe... Keen makes a nice walking shoe

took my black dog brutus out into the woods
the trail was a sheet of ice
each foot print had compressed the snow and the snow had since thawed and froze
it was too slick for safety or comfort
with my back on the mend the last thing I need is to pull some sort of Dick Van Dyke tripping over the coffee table move

so I did a short march up and back on some level ground
did not want to traverse anything up
did not want to traverse anything down
I wanted to stay upright

my black dog brutus dumped once then he dumped again
which was enough for me... hopefully that was enough for him
we slipped our way out of the woods
even brutus with his four paw drive was slipping and sliding awkwardly about

once inside I took a glance at the clock
the straight ride home and the super short walk of the dog

back inside I looked at the clock and asked myself that classic question... so... what is for dinner?
being thursday I knew that dinner needed to be ready and served before seven year old Dean left off for basketball practice
so opened the fridge and looked in the cupboards and came up empty
always hard to answer that age old question of what's for dinner?
a second glance in the freezer then back to the fridge

easy enough...
there is bread-cheese-canned soup-and canned corn
so I made grilled cheese sandwiches out of both Swiss and American on both whole wheat and english muffins
the tomato soup and creamed corn was all ready by the time the family walked in the door
just as I was putting hot soup and warm sandwiches on the table Lisa walked in the door with the boys
in her arm full of everything there was a large bag from Chipolte

the left hand failed to talk to the right
I made dinner... lisa picked up dinner

I ate the grilled cheese and tomato soup thinking I could have the burrito for lunch
this morning when I got my coffee I pulled my Chipolte burrito from the fridge and put it in a bag and on the table
after walking the dog I went to the basement... got dressed.... then headed into work
forgetting to bring the burrito
that burrito is more than likely still on the kitchen table

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