photo by Meghan!

this shot is amazing!

Meghan Lomonof (who I do not know through FACEBOOK) took this epic shot of the Helicopter that took former President Bush off the Capital grounds after Barach Obama was inaugurated as the POTUS (President of the United States)

great shot Meghan!


Anonymous said...

Hey Joel (who I do not know through facebook)! We (the US Army Band) were using the Capitol Building Visitors Center as the holding area for the presidential escort for the inaugural parade. A small group of us looked up through the ceiling window as the helicopter was taking off. Luckily, I snapped the picture slightly early so by the time my cell phone caught up, the helicopter ended up dead center with the Capitol building in the background. It was magical. It certainly captures the moment. Thanks for the tag!
- Megan

Anonymous said...

wicked picture,,,,,steeker