remember... before you fly...

do the math...

how much riding are you going to do?
how much does it cost to ship your bike?
how much would it cost to rent a bicycle at your destination?

in some cases a cyclist can rent a higher quality bike then they own at their destination for less than it would cost to pack their bike and take it on the plane

the Single Speed Outlaw would ask if you rent underwear... I haven't but if it were nicer, cleaner, in better condition than mine... well... I would consider it

traveling with a bicycle for short periods can be a real drag
what to do with that gigantic bike box? how to get all that shit into the cab?
rental can make more sense



Tim said...

I'm considering a Brompton or Bike Friday for those trips on which I want some sanity-saving street rides. My big hard-shell bike case is a burden unless I'm planning to ride every day for a week. Unfortunately, good rentals can be hard find in many places.

Robbie said...

try shipping if you have a friend or hotel where you are going. Or if you travel a lot S and S couplings are cool.
I had a great experience renting a bike in Tucson last year. I got a racer-X 29er for a week for like 80 bucks!

Jan said...

...or you could just take any full size steel frame bike (or ti if you've got cash coming out of your ears) and retrofit it with couplers, put it in a re-usable case, and take it with you.

I've done this to two steel frames of my own so far. Never had a single problem with them - and rock solid. Adds only minimal weight. I had my frames retrofitted by these awesome guys in Philadelphia: http://www.bilenky.com

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