saturday morning...

it is saturday morning...
the boys are watching Jumanji...
there is something about saturday morning and saturday
morning cartoons...
or in this case a saturday morning movie

the short answer... it is too early for me to entertain the kids

it is too early to argue... the boys wake up and get dressed then put on that cute puppy dog face as they ask..."can we watch a movie?" all I can think... this movie will buy me some time... this will give me another thirty minutes to hug the pillow and then I have the freedom to suit up and walk the dog
it also dimishes the fighting... brothers fight... this is tension I do not need in the early moments of my day off

after a week of work I want some time off... 8 am on saturday is too early to start my day
the slow start to the day can be nice
no super dad ambitions involving museums or bike rides
just a lazy morning before an afternoon basketball game for seven year old dean

lisa is off at yoga
I am already back from walking the dog
as the boys watch their movie I go back and forth between
this blog post is no match for the draw of SCRABBLE and those 25 THINGS ABOUT ME lists... trying to catch up on various lists
everyone is doing these sometimes clever and sometimes insightful lists
I joined in on the fun... but maybe answered more seriously than others

sometimes I am too serious

oh... Mrs. MikeK just made her play in SCRABBLE... my turn

while walking the dog I thought about the SNOTCYCLE mountain bike race in Leesburg

there is part of me that is jealous of the journey that others with have battling th
e conditions on this mountain bike course
there is another part of me that feels a twinge of insecurity as if I just backed down from a fight
even though I am not a fighter I possess this male insecurity that it is wrong to back down from a challenge
then there is the sensible me whose voice is not as strong as the other voices in my head

the sensible me looks at the trail and gives a quick self assessment of my back
this silent sensible me feels as if not racing on this cold and icy late January morning is the right choice
the other voices chime in muffling rational thought

my back is not back to 100 percent... racing without the ice would not be an optio
I feel as if I am missing the party

the short walk in the woods tells me very little about the Leesburg course
Leesburg is just over an hour outside of the city.... the amount of snow that they received and the temperature that they have had over the last week may well be different than what has happened here

also... the trail condiditons may be dependent on a few variables... sun/shade being the greatest of these variables

the snow is melted on the ground that flanks the trail
that I just walked my dog
the ice that remains on the trail from where the footsteps of hikers, dog walkers, and runner have stomped
the conditions of the trail may also be dependent upon the use of these trails over the last week
some tire treads passing over the trail could be the best or worst thing for the trails on this day

my guess... the trails will be a mix of clear buff frozen earth mixed with some shaded sections with ice and some other sections where the frozen snow gets crushed and crunched into a consistency similar to man made snow
did I leave anything out?

maybe their will be some sandy beach sections
from what I have heard there are no mountains in this mountain bike race

the course will change through out the day

the sun of the day will not be as much of a factor in the conditions as the racers of the day
each category will beat the path for the racers behind them
by the time the time the EXPERT/PRO kids get on their bikes the trails will be in very different shape than when this day began


these images were snagged from DARREN's DCMTB SlideShows
the non-race shots are from December last year
my gerth amazes me... how was my winter weight so impressive so early in the winter
this winter I need to take more control over these things


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Barbara. said...

awesome post

just catching up

thanks also for the link to Xtracycles... I think I will get Laird a kit for his birthday so he can take his kids for rides to the grocery store

shhh.... don't tell!