until the laws protect us... the laws do not apply to us

until the laws protect us... the laws do not apply to us

thoughts like this make me sound like an anarchist
yet I question... who is the anarchist?

when my day starts with playing chicken with a dc police cruiser coming down Lamont Street in my neighborhood of Mount Pleasant
I wonder...
here it is... a police car coming head-on forcing me to push closer to the parked cars
pushing me into the door zone
never is there an effort for the police cruiser move closer to the parked cars on their side of the road
never do they move to their side of the road to grant me my right to not only space but to safe travel

all this happened just as I passed the house I used to own on Lamont Street

who are these people protecting?
who are they serving?
at this moment they are threatening my life and my safety
in my neighborhood... by my home
at this moment they are the one in violation
they are the one who should be issued the ticket

who is the anarchist?

me or the bully on the road?

the cars skoff at the law
the rolling through stop signs by cars create a greater danger than the bicyclist who may view such a sign as a yield sign
yet people love to point that finger at the cyclist and their bending of the law while no one is looking to see themselves in the mirror

cars and trucks are bullies
it is not always size of the vehicle that gives this sense of entitlement
more expensive cars can be more prone to bully behavior as well
cars bully themselves around the city
they do not just bully the pedestrians and the cyclists
they bully each other

tonight a car passed me crossing the double while line past the merge zone where Beach Drive Splits between Calvert Street and staying on Rock Creek Park
I was in my car headed back from my older son's basketball practice
it was just enough space for this guy with the vanity plate to fit
but that is not enough space to politely blend with traffic
it was not just breaking the law... it was inconsiderate and unsafe

so I gave him the bright lights
well... he slowed down... really slowed down
yes... I was being an asshole
this guy slowed to like ten miles an hour until I turned them off... which was not immediately
I was not so quick to turn off the brights... he did not regain speed until the brights were turned off
yes... I was being an asshole
I was an asshole once
but that guy was an asshole twice
and more than likely an asshole the all the minutes of his life before and after that interaction

I try not to be an asshole
I think this guy can be an asshole without trying

even if the chip on my shoulder shrinks
my action-reaction/knee jerk reaction is tough to fight

for some reason I don't like somethings to happen without recognition

so my day's interaction with cars and car culture at the beginning and the end of my day sucked
cars suck

okay... cars do not suck
car drivers suck
more simply said... people suck


Blue-eyed Devil said...

"No gods, no masters."

You say "anarchist" like it's a bad word...

Anonymous said...

excellent post. the best part?

"I try not to be an asshole
I think this guy can be an asshole without trying"

great writing! d.c. cops suck!!