although I never knew Kevin Black... I am still sad

Kevin Black... a cyclist and a father... killed on his commute to work
and more specifically

I want to go home and hug my kids
oh... they are at school


libertyonbikes! said...

sad is right. you find some good stuff to put up. reading all the links, i realize this is in the part of seattle my brother lives in, and the Viking bar was where we went for drinks when we first met (another long story) - just bizarre, and sad.

gwadzilla said...

when I got home I did hug my sons
then later that evening I told my older son about this man who sounded just like me
or like so many other people I know

when I spoke about the passing of this stranger and how I identify with him my older son Dean said he did not even want to think about it

I hugged him
I do not want to think about it either

to think

I could die so that that car could get closer to that bumper or make it to the next red light

why am I angry?