the balance...

funny... just like everyone else I love Nirvana
yet when I look back I see that I own far more Soundgarden and Alice in Chains
maybe I got enough of Nirvana on the radio and MTV


riderx said...

Badmotorfinger still stands the test of time.

GhostRider said...

Who is this "everyone"?

Speak for yourself...while I liked Alice in Chains and was absolutely rabid for Soundgarden, I didn't like Nirvana one bit. Still don't.

I'm with RiderX...Badmotorfinger sounds every bit as great now as it did back in the day.

gwadzilla said...

who is everyone?

everyone is a list of all the people in the world minus GhostRider

gwadzilla said...

what would it be to see Chris Cornell sing on tour with Led Zeppelin?

it would not be Led Zeppelin
but it would be pretty cool