Cyclocross Worlds this weekend past... COMPTON! COMPTON! COMPTON!

Katie Compton Takes Third in the 2009 Cyclocross Worlds

Compton stands on the podium in a position that may be disappointing for her
this woman is in it to win it
she is not just there to represent
there may be very little pleasure in this grand accomplishment

cracking the top ten is an amazing achievement at the world level
somehow the look in her eyes does not give the message of elation
perhaps she is too busy thinking about what should have been done differently to have finished two slots ahead

NBC' UNIVERSAL SPORTS has the Cyclocross Worlds Online
2009 Cyclcross World's Women's Elite
as Katie Compton plays this race over and over in her head for the next few days you can watch it over and over online

photos by Graham Watson

VELO NEWS has the story

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