I have known Scott for a long long time...


his name is Scott... sometimes I call him Scotty
I am not sure if he answers to Scotty

Scott has never seen my blog
well... as far as I know Scott has never seen my blog
we have spoken about my blog but I am not sure if he has seen it
much like many people who do not use a computer as part of their work
the computer is not really part of Scott's life

Scott and I caught up
it is good to catch up with Scott
Scott and I have known each other for a long time
over two decades long

Scott told me a story of something that had happened just a block from where we stood
it was a few years back
back when it was Senator Obama
not President Barack Obama
not president elect... not presidential canidate... not potential presidential canidate
back when it was just Senator Obama

apparently Senator Obama was out on a run during lunch when
Scotty saw him
Obama looked one way and then the other and then went to step forward
Obama almost stepped out into the cross walk in front of a fast moving car until Scott gave him a shout that caused him to stop his progression rather than getting flattened

Scott thinks he may have saved Obama's life
I like to think that Scott may have saved the world

yes... I believe

I have a story of nearly getting run over while on the bike by Ted Kennedy as he rolled through a stop sign in his blue mini van
there is another story of me and my two wheeled machine nearly running over Tip O' Neil's toe
inches from his red irish nose and head of thick silver hair I gave him a loud AFTERNOON TIP
without hesitation and without any tone of surprise, shock, or anger that I was inches from me he gave and equally loud and friendly HEY YA... HOW YA DOING?
there was the time when I shared an elevator with Tricky Dick
it shocked me how short Richard Nixon was... I had a Polaroid Land Camera in my pack
no I am not that old... it was something I had purchased at a thrift store and was giving to my sister
it had a fresh battery and some black and white pack film
it was tested and loaded
but I did not pull it out because two reasons... in the wrong light there is not shot with the Land Camera...
and I feared that pulling out this odd old camera would get me more attention from the Capital Hill Police that I wanted

my sister turned the camera into a pin hole camera
not sure how that worked for her

these are the stories of the streets of Washington DC
these are the people we see in dc
in hollywood you see movie stars
in dc you see politicians

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chris said...

Scott might have saved the world....good post nd well written...have you been to my blog lately...got some old photos up there Joel..