plow the bike lanes...

car drivers can be so resentful of cyclists
it is a nasty relationship
neither side having much love for the other

then in Madison Wisconsin they have not been plowing the bike lanes
this does not make things any easier on the relationship or any safer

for the cyclist


Deb said...

Part of my commute (in nova) takes me a short distance along the cameron run mup, and then on the eisenhower connector where I have to go up stairs (or a ramp) to go through the sound wall. The county or city or whoever is in charge of taking care of roads never touched either place after the snow and ice last week. A week after the roads were bone dry, the stairs were still icy and dangerous.

It is pathetic. They can't claim that pedestrians and bikers are a lower priority - we're no priority at all.

The bike lanes I use for part of the commute got partially cleared only when the plow sort of accidentally went into the bike lane, but since we didn't get much snow and the lanes get direct sun, their negligence on the bike lanes wasn't as dangerous as their negligence on the mups and the pedestrian stairs.

What I don't understand is why they don't see it as a huge liability issue. You can almost imagine their defense "it wasn't our fault, they took their lives in their own hands by deciding to go by foot or pedal."

Very frustrating. It is the same story in every city with a possible exception of minneapolis. Too bad we can't dock their pay when they don't perform their duties.

GhostRider said...

"It is the same story in every city with a possible exception of minneapolis."

I've heard tales that Minneapolis is VERY proactive in plowing bike lanes and MUPs in that area when snow falls...I hope it's true, and I sure wish other cities would take that more seriously. When the snow's really bad, sometimes walking or riding a bike is the ONLY way to get around town!

Of course, all that is very easy for me to say...I live in a place where the last time it snowed was back in the 70s (and it didn't really stick).

Little Tiny Fish said...

They don't see it as a liability issue because they fight fiercely against it. In Milwaukee, Madison's neighbor, last year the city only ever paid out damages to one car for pothole damage. Our bike lanes are doubly screwed. They don't plow the parking lanes OR the bike lanes. So the snow gets plowed into the parking lanes and the cars park in the bike lanes. The city claims that they "don't expect people to be cycling in the winter" which is utter bullshit, because people are cycling ALL THE TIME, even when the high is in the negative digits.