Up the sidewalk by Malcom X Park and then on Capital Hill

snapped this shot on my way home
just finishing a vigorous cross town ride
trying to make the lights
trying to cross town at a solid pace
not trying to be stupid
just trying to get across town

taking the sidewalk on this stretch of 16th Street is the considerate thing to do unless the sidewalk is mobbed or I am willing to push the speed
in the evening this stretch of road moves at an obnoxious highway speed
for a few blocks
then I pass a good majority of the idiots and assholes behind the wheel over where Columbia and Harvard cross 16th

in the morning I try to avoid 16th
there is no real good way to take 16th in the morning
it is like sprinting through a parking lot
on and off the sidewalk I try to be considerate of the pedestrians while staying clear of the anxious and obnoxious car traffic

faded in the background in the upper left hand corner of the second shot you can see the Capitol Building
bad lighting shooting in the shadows makes for a flat snap shot

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