ah... life coaches... I could use a bit of coaching

here I am on BLOGGER when I should be cleaning the basement or better yet riding the trainer
oh... I am sick... can't ride the trainer
but I am not so sick that I can not be cleaning up the basement

bikes can not be repaired if the basement is not in order
it does not have to be clean
it can not be chaos
currently things look post apocalyptic

need to get back together
but first I will check out FACEBOOK
ah... life and its electronic distractions

was checking out Gene Hamilton and the BetterRide about coaching clinics
a clinic in Fruita may be a vacation sans family one of these years
I think it would be good for my soul

Gene Hamilton Better Ride

maybe I can't make it to Fruita
but at least I could try and catch one of his clinics if he passes through the area again this year

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