Bike Way along the ICC... a must... making a toll bikeway? unheard of

apparently there is talk that the ICC will have a bikeway/bike path along side of it
in my mind this path is a must


Jack sent me a link to his mother's sound response to this absurd bikeway toll concept



I feel that the people at the top need to retire
give them a buy out
who are the brains at the top of our DDOT?
do you like the way things evolved into this mess?
do you think that they were forward thinking or just keeping things afloat?

the effort to facilitate fast flowing commuter traffic seems to be the only effort of the people at the top
when there should have been a growth in a different direction rather than this acceptance of this car dependency

we have plenty of roads
but we have too many car drivers
car pooling and public transport should be options
cycling is not an option for everyone
but it should be made a more viable option for more people

cycling should be made easier for people rather than more difficult in this era of a fuel crisis and an obesity epidemic


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