cumulative... it is all cumulative

all the good
all the bad
what ever it is... it all adds up

chocolate cake is fine... too much chocolate cake is bad
in the same respect... little work outs are good... lots of little work outs add up
a dozen push ups every other day adds up to be a great deal more than no push ups ever
I like chocolate cake... not so sure how I feel about push ups
more than likely there is more cake in my life than push ups
and when I say push ups I mean the exercise... not the sherbet treat... there is an occasional sherbet treat in my life as well.... but that is not what I am talking about

that said...
I am dependent upon the fact that my short walk with the dog along with my short commute before and after work counts for something
it may not be an elevated heart rate for an extended period
but it must count for something

all the good... must balance all the bad
I hope that these meager efforts aid in my maintaining fitness
while my actual efforts help to build and push forward
it has seemed to do me pretty well over the years
remember I am the same guy that used Circus Peanuts as energy food for my first Shenandoah Mountain 100
I am the April Fool... thanks Dirt Rag!

it has been a few weeks since I have had any real ride to speak of
even that ride at "the shed" was more of a muscular thrust than a cardio work out

yesterday and today I did a little more than my direct ride into work
today was shorter than yesterday's ride
while today's effort was a bit more intense
the early departure from the house had me working hard to maintain flow with the rush hour traffic
meandered with the flow of traffic across town
okay... not meandering... racing and fighting... trying to maintain

found myself looping back earlier in the ride than I had wished
knowing that it was approaching time to punch the clock

the cars were moving fast and so I was I
all this after a quick loop with the dog in the woods
the weather is sweet a post work ride would be nice
but I am working late which will most certainly put me in the mood for nothing more than a mad dash for home

yesterday I left straight out for home and was pleased to roll into the alley behind my house to find my older son Dean playing basketball with some of the kids from the block... so I joined in
after some shooting around we played some HORSE and then four against me... I won
6'4" on the short rim against a handful of munchkins about my speed
this basketball game does not constitute anything that I intend or expect to add up to be any form of exercise
it is just a good time with the kids

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