Driver's Education...

Driver's Education...
What is taught to the Student Drivers about how to behave around cyclists?

more than likely nothing

this week my children were playing with two kid's whose father is a Driver's Ed Instructor in High School
I hesitated before getting into a discussion about TRAFFIC with him
after some thought... I avoided it all together

it does seem that the discussion should start there
shamefully the bicycle most certainly gets no mention in Driver's Education

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety should not be a concern only of DOT Agencies
the Department of Health and Human Services should get involved in a Public Service Campaign as well

who is going to get on this?

if I only knew some people involved in bicycle advocacy....

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electric said...

Ironically enough I was dangerously passed by an instructor and student today, they passed me while i was passing a parked car, so they crossed the centre-line (while going around a blind corner) and surprise! oncoming traffic... guess who was squeezed out.

Personally, I wasn't taught anything about cyclists during my "training".

Maybe more specific questions on the dept of transport examination sheet would help weed out shit drivers and whitewashing instructors.