it was the best of times... it was the worst of times

Big Wheel Bikes

Mike Sendar is interviewed in the Business Section of the Washington Post

I worked for Big Daddy Mike
his business strategy was no different in the lean times as it is in the prosperous times

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Big Wheel Bikes

they say that time heals all wounds
I am far less bitter about my experiences with Sendar than I once was


Jeff said...


I've never had a good experience there...never even heard of anyone had a good experience. Makes me wonder how they've continued to be in business for so long?

gwadzilla said...

not sure if it is the worst bike shop ever

but it is definitely a shop that carries a tone from a different era

although many people have had bad experiences there
my working experience included
there are repeat customers
and there are satisfied customers

I am pretty sure that Sendar is the longest running bike shop owner in the DC area

definitely a colorful shop with a colorful history with a colorful owner

dcdouglas said...

I bought my first DC bike there because they were the only game in town selling Breezer bikes. My experience wasn't that bad, but I'm an informed consumer who really only needed to source the bike from them. Any future maintenance that I couldn't do myself was handled at another LBS closer to my home. I never really had a "bad" experience dealing with them. However, comparing the overall customer service, it's clear that there are better bike shops in DC.