like a bike... not a bike... like a bike.... like lemonade and then something like lemonade... I just want lemonade

this kid was having a good time on his LIKE-A-BIKE like product
this one is a tad small for him... at home he has a larger one
one that has the option to be built into a bike
it is naked like this but can have cranks and drivetrain added to the machine
just as my younger son is slightly intimidated by the larger bike with the larger wheels this young man is more comfortable on the rig that he dwarfs

when my boys were at the early stages and I approached the first bicycle I thought about the LIKE-A-BIKE option and then looked at the department store style bike with training wheels
just a few years ago there seemed to be far fewer of these PUSH BIKE options
in hind sight I wish I had gone with a bike shop bike in those early sizes with training wheels
never am I wishing I had spent the money on this sort of device
although I had seriously considered pulling the cranks off a 12 inch wheel bike and allowing my boys to get this PUSH BIKE experience... but they seemed to be doing well enough on the training wheel bike

both my boys were riding sans training wheels with comfort well before their fifth birthday
Grant being a little closer to four than Dean... but not by much... but were so close to four that it could be just said that they were riding without training wheels at four
I guess to brag properly I should say that both my boys were riding without training wheels at four
grant was maybe a month after four... dean was a few months after his fourth
grant had the advantage of the modeling of his older brother and the older boys on the block
dean was going through the pressure to remove the training wheels at the same time as some of his peers on the block who are a year or so older than him

I do not think that this device would have got them learning to ride a bicycle any faster
and the stability of the bike with training wheels taught the boys the challenges of pedaling, steering, and braking... this LIKE-A-BIKE device does not seem to teach these independent variables in the same way

SPECIALIZED BIKES makes a machine called the HOT WALK
the MSRP of the HOT WALK is the same as the 12 Inch Wheeled Hot Rock!


gwadzilla said...


I did not mention to this father about the helmet

the infant helmet on the five year old boy

any helmet is better than no helmet

I am guilty of having loose straps on my kids helmets from time to time

Apotheken apotheek said...

Mandy, regarding biking with your 18 month old, we've really liked the likabike Pink: http://www.greenngreen.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=bugabike&search_in_description=1
do you prefered the nature or the Pink bike ?