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support your local bike shop...

this morning when I went to grab the electric green Jamis Nova as my ride for the day I noticed that there was a broken spoke in the rear wheel
I had thought that I had felt a shimmy and a shake
but I had yet noticed the broken spoke

being that I have a post work appointment that merits a cross town sprint for an arrival time that would be late no matter how I travel I had to grab a bike that offers some range in speed
I still needed the bike with speed to be less late and so that I miss less of the meeting
even with the broken spoke the Nova was to be the bike of choice

so I left out on my Jamis Nova cyclocross bike with riser bars instead of drops
rolling down through Adams Morgan I decided I would swing by City Bikes to grab a spoke before heading into work
so... I deviated from my course
heading left instead of straight
as I rolled left I was nervous that the close following dc police cruiser was the same officer who I had spoken with the night prior
it was no worry since he stayed straight when I went left

I rolled past the main store and went down the hill to the City Bikes service department

a knock on the door and a hello as I opened things I was welcomed into a vacant space
behind a computer screen was Nick who I knew from when he managed the Chevy Chase store
the stands were mechanic-less
we exchanged hellos as I shared my tale of woe

before I knew it I had my bike in the stand and was replacing not one but two broken spokes

it was a good to see Nick but beyond that it was good to see that there was no friction between the shop employees and myself since the split of DCMTB and City Bikes
City Bikes is still my Local Bike Shop and the most convenient place for the purchase of a spoke or a tube
when the repair was done I was sent on my way without any money changing hands.... BONUS!

very cool
thanks Nick... thanks City Bikes

remember... Support Your Local Bike Shop (LBS) or they will not be there when you need them!

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Anonymous said...

Does this bike shop carry electric bikes? I'm looking at the Schwinn Tailwind and the Pedego Comfort Cruiser.